Wellness and Fitness

How can physical therapy improve my wellness and fitness?


Physical therapist are experts in assessing movement and function.  We are the optimum professional to look at your entire body and find any deficiencies in strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.  We can then provide a progressive program specialized for you to maximize your performance whether it be golfing, gardening or just enjoying your life to the fullest.

What sets us apart from other professionals in this area is our extensive training and experience in pathologies, injuries and disease.  You can rest assured that we can design a program for you that is safe and effective whether you just need a tune up, have had previous surgeries/injuries or more serious pathologies.  If you really want to get fit, but are scared or don’t know where to start – we are that place!

What kind of treatment will I get?


Out wellness program consists of an in depth evaluation of your current level of fitness and function, examination of your personal goals and development of a progressive fitness program.  We offer any level of supervision you may need – from development of an independent program or one on one supervision in our clinic for those who need a little more assistance.

If any serious problems are noted, we will refer you to a physician if needed or initiate physical therapy treatments if warranted.  Physical therapists may use a variety of treatments to optimize your performance, treat and prevent injuries.  Some treatments include manual therapyorthopedic therapy, therapeutic exercise and education.  We may also use a number of other treatment modalities depending on your condition.  When treating fitness and wellness related clientele, our focus includes cardiovascular, endurance, and resistance training.  This functional retraining may include neuromuscular re-education, speed, agility, explosiveness, balance and co-ordination.

At Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates LLC, we offer programs for all ages and fitness levels.