Manual Therapy

What is Manual Therapy? 

Manual therapy utilizes hands-on physical therapy techniques.  The techniques can be active or passive and are most effectively combined with other therapy techniques such as therapeutic exercise and education.

The goal of manual therapy treatment is to normalize range of motion and flexibility in joints and muscles and help decrease pain.  Types of treatment include mobilizations, stretching, soft tissue mobilization, pressure release, strain counterstrain, massage and functional mobilization.

Most orthopedic and pain conditions which affect the muscles and joints benefit from manual therapy.  Some examples include: acute and chronic low back and neck pain, headaches, hip and knee arthritis, joint pain and post-operative conditions.

Where can I get this treatment?

Manual therapy is a long standing component of physical therapy practice and education, however some practices may not utilize it frequently as part of their services.

We specialize in manual physical therapy at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates LLC.  Our focus is hands on treatment.  We not only have therapists board certified in Orthopedics by the American Physical Therapy Association but also a therapist who is a Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.