Sports Medicine

What is Sports Medicine?


Sports medicine encompasses an entire team of health care professionals whose goal it is to maximize participation and performance.  Sports physical therapy emphasizes prevention, evaluation, and correction of pain and dysfunction as a result of injuries sustained in athletic endeavors. It also addresses problems that affect sports performance.

Initial thoughts of sports medicine may bring to mind professional athletes.  All levels of athletes will benefit from sports physical therapy – from the pro to the weekend warrior.  Some of the common athletes we see include baseball, football, soccer, golf, biking, gymnastics, swimming, and volleyball.  Anything that keeps you moving, we can help!

What kind of treatment will I get?


Physical therapists may use a variety of treatments to optimize your performance and prevent and treat sports related injuries.  Some treatments include manual therapyorthopedic therapy, therapeutic exercise and education.  We may also use a number of other treatment modalities depending on your condition.  When treating sports related clientele, we utilize a biomechanical approach when addressing non traumatic injuries.  Our goal is to treat the cause of the injury to prevent recurrent or chronic conditions.  We focus on cardiovascular, endurance, and resistance training.  Our sports specific retraining also includes neuromuscular re-education, speed, agility, explosiveness, balance and co-ordination.

At Orthopedic Physical Therapy Associates LLC, we offer programs for all ages and fitness levels.