Spinal Surgery

Post Operative Spinal Surgery

The rehabilitation period following your spinal surgery is crucial to optimize your outcomes and get you back to all the activities you enjoy.  Once the surgeon has done his/her job, we will provide you with the guidance and education to excel through the rehabilitative process.  Rest assured we will closely follow your surgeon’s protocol.  We have vast experience treating post op spinal surgeries, be it cervical (neck), thoracic or lumbar (low back) and can provide you with further education on how to care for your procedure.

Physical therapists may use a variety of treatments to reduce your pain and improve your function depending on your condition.  Our goal is to promote optimal health and function.  We will tailor your post operative care to your specific needs.

Therapists who are board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialists by the American Physical Therapy Association have demonstrated advanced competency in treating orthopedic disorders.