McKenzie Method

Does your neck or back hurt?  Can’t find relief?  Have you tried McKenzie yet?

The McKenzie Method is an evidence-based approach to treatment of the back, neck, and extremities that can rapidly reverse pain. The McKenzie trained physical therapist performs an individualized assessment and then uses your bodies own biomechanics to normalize your movement and reduce pain.

Specifically, the McKenzie method utilizes a mechanical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment based on your individual response to repeated end range movements. Appropriate treatment techniques are then applied guided by your pain response.

When appropriately applied, MDT can result in rapidly reversible pain. Thistechnique emphasizes self-treatment and education for the prevention of recurrent problems, empowering you to manage and eliminate your pain. This is one of the most highly researched diagnostic methods for treatment of both acute and chronic pain syndromes including:

Low back pain with or without pain into the legs.
Neck pain with or without pain into the arms.
Hip pain
Shoulder pain
Knee pain

If you are interested in seeing if the McKenzie approach to your pain is right for you, call and schedule an appointment with Christy Ryan, DPT for a complete assessment.

For more information on the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment visit the McKenzie Institutes website at