Chronic Pain

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is pain that persists beyond the length of time it takes for your body to recover from an injury.  Acute pain is a normal response triggered by your nervous system in response to an injury.  It’s job is to alert you to the injury so you can attend to it and not injure it further.  Chronic pain signals continue for weeks, months or years – sometimes after an initial injury or trauma but sometimes without any past injury.  Chronic pain is a very frustrating condition for those affected.  Often they are told there is nothing that can be done to help.  NOT TRUE!

Some examples of chronic pain conditioned include: chronic low back and neck pain, headaches, hip and knee arthritis, and shoulder pain.

What kind of treatment will I get?

Physical therapists will use a comprehensive treatment approach with the aim to reduce your pain and improve your function.  Our goal is to promote optimal health and function.

If you have undergone previous therapy interventions unsuccessfully, rest assured we will not repeat what has already been done.  We will start with a detailed evaluation including biomechanical and movement pattern evaluation. Typical intervention includes manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and heavy emphasis on education.  We may also use a number of other treatment modalities depending on your condition.